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Privacy Policy


The Okura Prestige Bangkok website ("the Website or Websites") require entry of personal information and may record that information in a database when performing reservations, inquiries, member registrations and other such procedures. The Okura Prestige Bangkok and its member hotels and Hotel Okura Enterprises use the information recorded to provide services beneficial to our customers.


The database containing the personal information of customers using the Websites is managed by designated administrators of The Okura Prestige Bangkok and contractors to Hotel Okura Hotel group. Customers' email addresses may be used for the transmission of The Okura Prestige Bangkok’s email newsletters and for email transmissions from Okura Hotels & Resorts member hotels. No personal information other than the email address is disclosed for such purposes.

Customers' personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • Sharing or disclosure of information to a contractor with a signed confidentiality agreement for purposes of maintenance or management of the Websites or the customer information system.
  • Sharing or disclosure of information to an affiliate with assigned confidentiality agreement for delivery of direct mailings from Okura Hotels & Resorts or from its member hotels or from Hotel Okura Enterprises.
  • Agreement by a customer to the disclosure of information.
  • Formal inquiry on a legal basis by police authorities, courts or other official institution. Other serious and urgent necessity of the customer, Hotel Okura or a third party


Significant modifications to this privacy policy will be announced on the Website. Please refer to this privacy policy page as occasion calls for up-to-date information. The Okura Prestige Bangkok shall bear no responsibility for any discrepancies resulting from neglecting to confirm to the current policy.