Summer Guestronomic Journey

Imagine yourself transported to a vibrant summer canvas, where each bite is a brushstroke of flavour. This is the essence of Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo’s latest masterpiece at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, The Okura Prestige Bangkok, a haven of Michelin-starred French cuisine laced with Japanese touches. Chef Gerard has crafted a menu that sings with the season’s bounty. Each dish is a story waiting to be savoured, a harmonious blend of French techniques and Japanese influences. 

The journey begins with a touch of the season including the ‘dry aged Haranaka Chutoro,’ a melt-in-your-mouth indulgence is adorned with bafun uni (sea urchin) and a vibrant green gazpacho and a hint of nori seaweed adds a whisper of the ocean, setting the stage for a truly exquisite experience. The ‘smoked eel’ a smoky sensation elevated by creamy inka-no-mezame potato, the delicate indulgence of Oscietra Caviar, and the subtle sweetness of Kureson, a Japanese citrus fruit. The ‘scale fried Shiro Amadai’ is a visual and gastronomic treat. This delicate white seabream boasts a golden crust while its remains perfectly tender, complemented by the sweetness and earthiness of heirloom carrots and colinky squash, perfectly balanced by the umami richness of an Ayu Garum Hollandaise, a unique play on the classic sauce infused with the essence of the Ayu fish. The ‘Chiang Mai Zucchini Flower’ is a delightful union of East and West. Filled with aged Comté cheese and the earthy fragrance of Australian winter truffles, this dish is a testament to Chef Gerard’s ability to create harmony from diverse ingredients. 

For the seasonal main course, a true summer treat awaits ‘Japanese Coturnix Quail.’ This succulent quail is generously served with a morel mushroom, its rich flavours accentuated by the citrusy tang of black lemon and delightful eggplant and kombu combination. 

Price:  ‘Mizu’      8-course experience is priced at Baht 6,400++ per person
         ‘Chikyu’   6-course experience is priced at Baht 4,900++ per person
         ‘Ku-Ki’     4-course experience is priced at Baht 4,100++ per person

Available Wednesday – Sunday from 18:00 – 22:30.

For more information and reservations please call +66 (0) 2 687 9000 or email:

Guestronomic Journey Menu