Seasonal flourishes and fresh flavours unveiled with the ‘Spring Guestronomic Set Journey’

Fabulously French gastronomy flair and exquisitely fresh seasonal ingredients from Japan and Europe represents the arrival of a new gastronomic season at renowned Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu. ‘Spring Guestronomic Dining Journey’ at the Michelin-starred restaurant takes inspiration from the increasingly warm weather and availability of the first artisanal produce of the year.

With this new seasonal menu, Chef Gerard and his team continue to strive for Guestronomic perfection and maintaining Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu’s culinary principles. Even the decorated chef’s trademark duo sauces have been refined to reflect the rich essence of spring and each dish on the menu is characterised by a refreshing lightness that is in keeping with the season of new blooms.  

Patrons can also enhance the dining experience at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu with its home-brewed ‘Kombucha Pairing’ offering lightly fizzy and spiced flavours that will give a bubbly and fresh touch after drinking. The fundamental element to crafting delicate home-brewed Kombucha is selecting the finest seasonal ingredients, which must be organic. Parallel to the culinary concept, the Elements Kombucha is influenced by Japanese spring ingredients with complex and unique flavours. 

‘Spring Guestronomic Dining Journey’
‘Mizu’         8-course experience    Baht  6,200++ per person
‘Chikyu’      6-course experience    Baht  4,800++ per person
‘Ku-Ki’        4-course experience    Baht  4,100++ per person

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