Sense of Festive Hamper

Show your appreciation during this joyful season by gifting the enchanting Festive Hamper filled with sparkling emotions. La Pâtisserie proudly presents its magnificent collection of “Sense of Festive Hampers,” discovering the enchanting world of La Pâtisserie through their opulent collection.

The delicate Japanese fabrics, or ‘furoshiki,’ used for wrapping the hampers add an extra touch of sophistication. These fabrics are often adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colours, representing the beauty and artistry that Japan is renowned for. This traditional style of wrapping adds an element of surprise and anticipation and creates a sense of joy and excitement. 

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delightful experience this holiday season and give thanks with La Pâtisserie’s specially handcrafted festive hampers. Available for order and purchase from 15 November 2023 to 15 January 2024 at La Pâtisserie. Festive hampers are priced at Baht 4,888 net. 

Early-bird promotion of the “Sense of Festive Hamper” priced at an incredible Baht 4,500 net from 15 November 2023 to 10 December 2023.

For more information and orders, please call 02 687 9000 or email: