Unveils Springtime Symphony and Culinary Masterpiece with “Spring Guestronomic Journey”

Step into a vibrant world of flavours at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, Bangkok’s Michelin-starred haven within The Okura Prestige Bangkok, where renowned Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo transforms the finest spring ingredients into exquisite culinary masterpieces. The enchanting ‘Spring Guestronomic Dining Journey’ is an ode to the season, a celebration of nature’s bounty with each plate serving as its canvas.

Guests will embark on a culinary journey, savouring dishes that capture the essence of the season, with each course offering a symphony of textures and taste. The ‘Spring Guestronomic Dining Journey’ is available from 22 March, 2024. Immerse yourself in the essence of spring, where every bite is a masterful expression of the season. 

‘Mizu’      8-course experience is priced at Baht 6,400++ per person
‘Chikyu’   6-course experience is priced at Baht 4,900++ per person
‘Ku-Ki’     4-course experience is priced at Baht 4,100++ per person

For more information and reservations please call +66 (0) 2 687 9000 or email: elements@okurabangkok.com

Guestronomic Journey Menu